Links to useful websites:

 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

 National Alliance on Mental Illness               ​

 Bring Change 2 Mind

 Active Minds

 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

 Families Anonymous

 ​The Mighty




We know that mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder can be very isolating.  We provide a safe and confidential place to talk about issues and concerns, as well as share success and challenges.  You are not alone!

What are mood disorders??

Marked by extreme changes in moods, depression and bipolar disorder (also called manic-depressive disorder) are highly treatable medical illnesses.  Depression​ is changes in mood, behavior, and thoughts that lasts at least 2 weeks and significantly impacts everyday life.  Bipolar Disorder ​is extreme changes in mood, thoughts, energy and behavior that swing between the highs of mania and the lows of depression​.  These mood changes can last for days, weeks, or months.  ​Both mood disorders can be treated and managed.

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